New Hire for Brownstoner


    We were going to wait another couple of weeks before sharing the news but we were scooped yesterday so the cat’s out of the bag. As The Observer reported, Gabby Warshawer, who’s been the web editor for The Real Deal for the past seven months, will be joining in August, thereby doubling the site’s editorial firepower in one fell swoop. In addition to bringing a real reporter’s touch to the blog, the fact that Gabby’s based in Gowanus should boost our (wo)man-on-the-street coverage of all those nabes south of Atlantic Avenue. (See, we’ve been listening to all those complaints about the blog being too Clinton Hill-centric.) You should also notice an uptick in the site’s coverage of community board and other neighborhood meetings come autumn as a result. Having another writer around will have the added benefit of giving us the time to nurture other parts of the site like the Forum and Renovation Blogs, both of which should benefit from the software upgrade we have planned to happen within the next couple of weeks.
    Two Staffers Leaving The Real Deal [NY Observer]

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