Flipper of Clinton Hill Wood Frame Is Quietly Swinging for the Fences


    The  wood frame house at 162 Hall Street is on the market for $2,550,000. The owner has completely redone the exterior, shedding the siding for wood clapboard, replacing the windows, doors and recreating many of the historic details that had been lost. And the interior has been gutted and redone in a way that at least pays some respect to the building’s age. If he gets his price, or even half his price, this is a remarkable windfall for the flipper. According to PropertyShark, the home was purchased in 2012 for $250,000. Its unclear how the current owner got it for such a song. It was bought in 2007 for $798,000 but by 2009 it had fallen into Lis Pendens. However the new owner scooped it up, the developer, Myrtle 162 Hall Inc., has invested considerably in the building. You can see the state of total disrepair it was in on this old listing. Seems like the investor is doing right by himself, the building and the neighbors on the block. What do you think?

    Full Makeover for Wood Frame House at 162 Hall Street [Brownstoner] GMAP P*Shark

    You can see the full brochure here as well as a 2007 photo of the facade after the jump.

    162 Hall Street-07

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