Finding a Town House for Less Than $1 Million


Newsflash! What’s the secret to finding a brownstone for under a million bucks? Looking in “overlooked neighborhoods” and being willing to take on a big renovation. In addition to Mott Haven in the Bronx and Sunnyside in Queens, Bedford Stuyvesant and Crown Heights are cited as the ripest spots in Brooklyn. No argument here. You can still get a lovely brownstone in Bedford-Stuyvesant for well under $1 million, said Halstead’s William Ross (himself a brownstone owner, albeit in ritzier Cobble Hill). The market begins around $650,000 to $700,000 for a real four-story brownstone. Comment: Plus at least another $200,000 in renovation costs.
Finding a Town House for Under a Million [NY Times]
Photo by Chad Wilcomb

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