Fence Goes up Around Crumbling Greek Revival House in Wallabout


    A green construction fence has gone up around the decaying but historic house at 69 Vanderbilt Avenue, right next to the BQE in Wallabout. “Is the city tearing it down?” asked the reader who sent us this photo.

    The answer is likely no. The house is landmarked, has had the same owner since 1979, and the owner has not applied for any type of permit for demolition or any other construction, including the fence, city records show.

    The Greek Revival house is a twin of the one next door at No. 71 and was likely constructed in 1850, according to the designation report.

    A complaint from June said the house was shaking and leaning, and there appeared to be construction going on inside. The DOB team sent out to investigate found no evidence of construction but said “front porch is unstable…neighboring houses may be in danger. Children have been playing in area near vacant building.”

    Our guess is the fence is to keep out those children and other visitors, and to protect passerby from any collapse. Anyone know more?

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