Facade Collapse at 288 16th Street


    We just got word from a tipster that the rear facade of the building at 288 16th Street in South Slope has collapsed. Anyone know anything more about it?

    Update: A neighbor emailed us to say: “According to DOB’s BIS system, FDNY called for an emergency vacate. From what I can tell there were no permits for work. The latest were plans disapproved this summer for a conversion to a one family residence. Once again, and I hate to sound like broken record, illegal work begets unsafe work. I am glad no one was hurt.”

    Another neighbor emailed, “I live up the street and just took a peek. It looks like there are two brick buildings that are attached. The one not on the corner but with the entrance on 16th appears to no longer have a back wall. No bricks of the back wall are visible. You see wood studs and the like. The building on the corner looks intact and it appears firemen are standing on the deck off the second floor of the corner structure. I don’t really know what they are doing at this point. A few fire trucks remain on scene not as many as were first here. Didn’t hear anything about injuries or if other neighboring structures were affected.”

    Is it just us or does it seem like these sorts of things happen too often? Click through to the jump for another view.


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