LPC Targets Henry Street Homeowner


    The Landmarks Preservation Commission has slapped the owner of a Cobble Hill townhouse and carriage house with a lawsuit for failure to maintain the historic structures that could amount to more than a million dollars in fines. The LPC suit charges that the owner of 364 Henry Street, cement tycoon John Quadrozzi “failed to maintain these historically significant buildings in a state of good repair despite repeated requests.” Beyond the preservation issues, the buildings also pose a serious safety risk. “There is an ongoing risk of progressive collapse that may endanger the public,” a DOB inspector wrote to Quadrozzi in January. The head of the Cobble Hill Association summed up how most residents probably feel about it: “It’s certainly been an eyesore. The longer he lets it sit there, the more of a danger it becomes.”
    City Sues Homeowner Over Crumbling Historic Buildings [NY Daily News]GMAP

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