Dixon Sets PLG Record With $1.85 Million Buy

Australian investment firm Dixon Advisory set a record Monday with its purchase of a single family brownstone at 36 Rutland Road for $1,850,000, Fillmore broker Louis Belisario told us. He and Fillmore broker Howard Witz handled the sale.

As BK to the Fullest, which was the first to write about the sale, pointed out, 111 Clarkson Avenue sold for more — $2,800,000 — but it was sold as a development site. Pushing up the price of 36 Rutland Road is the fact that it includes an extra side lot and a garage. In July, a more recently updated house at 55 Rutland but without the extra property closed for $1,825,000.

The previous record was held by a limestone at 52 Midwood, which sold for $1,665,000 in 2007.

PLG House in Contract for $1.85 Million [Brownstoner]
Photo by Fillmore

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