Dilapidated South Slope Building a Hazard?


    A reader got in touch to let us know that the building at 548 6th Avenue, between 15th and 16th streets, is “fully gutted, open to the elements, baited…no permits.” There have been three complaints to the DOB about demolition work occurring without permits between late October and last week, but city inspectors haven’t found evidence of it. When we stopped by yesterday afternoon, the building did show evidence of rat poison and was easy to enter but whatever demolition has occurred is very much incomplete (see interior photos on the jump). It’s clear, though, that the house is severely decayed. The person who emailed us about it mentioned that it’s right next door to the community garden on 15th Street and that “if the building collapses into the garden and hits an adult, or worse a kid, there’s gonna be a shit storm in the South Slope.” GMAP

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