Crown Heights South Flip Brings in $1.85 Million


This 1920s brick townhouse in Crown Heights South just may have set a new neighborhood record. The single-family home, which sold for $999,000 in December, sold again in July for $1,850,000, more than $150,000 above the original asking of $1,695,000. The home at 1388 Union Street has been well maintained and, according to the listing, is chock full of details including bay windows, original moldings, mirrors and wood paneling, (though all the woodwork is painted). The renovation is very well-done. It’s unclear how much work the flipper actually did on the home given how fast it turned over. Interior pics after the jump.

This winter we looked at the incredible price appreciation in Crown Heights North. Is the neighborhood’s southern half about to go through the same price climb, or do you think this is just a very high price for what looks like an exceptional home?

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