Pastor: It’s Ocean Hill-Brownsville, Not Crown Heights, and We’re Proud of It


Brownstoner recently received this email from the pastor of a prominent church in Ocean Hill-Brownsville:

“I recently saw several notices online advertising two newly constructed homes on St. Mark’s Avenue. Both of these listings called the neighborhood Crown Heights. This neighborhood is, always has been, and always will be Ocean Hill-Brownsville. It is not Crown Heights. In fact it is a significant distance from Crown Heights. Calling it that is misleading to potential buyers and disrespectful to the people of this community. We who live and work in Brownsville are proud of our community and resent others labeling us as someplace we are not for their own personal gain.

If you would like to market and sell homes in Crown Heights, well then, stay in Crown Heights. If you feel the necessity of selling overpriced, poorly constructed homes in Brownsville, at least have the decency of calling it as such with out misleading or disrespecting anyone.”

Thank you,
Rev. Edward Mason
Pastor — Our Lady of Presentation Church, Saint Marks’s Avenue, Brownsville, U.S.A.

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