Co-op Success Story in Bushwick


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The story of 246 Cornelia Street comes to us from photographer and filmmaker Willow Robin. Proud of her building and what’s become of it, she told us the building “is claimed to be the only co-op apartment complex in the Bushwick area.” “Well after its trolleys stopped running, the Bushwick neighborhood was one of the areas hardest hit by the city-wide struggle during the 1970s. As parts of Brooklyn, like the Bronx, historically burned around this time, the landlord abandoned this building, leaving tenants to legally obtain it from the city. Seen as one of the city’s experiments in handing over control to tenants, its success has been proven by time; the 246 Cornelia board has met weekly ever sense.” As apartments become available for sale, she says, younger folks are snatching up the properties at what she calls “jaw-dropping prices” &#8212 $210,000 for one-bedrooms (that’s for the renovated ones) with $256 a month maintenance. “Those opting out of condo-life have afforded to move here without draining their savings, and learning valuable lessons in hard-work and community building along the way.”

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