Streetlevel: Traif Bike Gesheft


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    The chickens at Traif Bike Gesheft obviously don’t fix the bikes; they’re just there to keep Joe Diamond company. Joe opened his bike shop (which translates from Yiddish to “Non-kosher Bike Shop”) a few months ago in a space behind the Time’s Up bicycle organization in Williamsburg, where he repairs and sells used bicycles, and raises chickens. It’s easy to miss. The entrance is a set of swinging saloon doors painted bright yellow that lead to a narrow alley to the right of the building. We stopped by the other day for some bicycle advice, and Joe mentioned that he has received 500 new used bikes, so if you’re looking for a reliable and well-loved steed—and, if you’re lucky, a freshly laid egg—check out his shop at 99 South Sixth Street between Berry and Bedford, or call (347) 245-8759 for opening hours. GMAP

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