Closing Bell: A Walking Tour of the BQE


    Late last month David Kennedy Cutler and Robert Hult made an intrepid voyage by foot underneath and alongside the entire length of the BQE, documenting the trip in photos. Here’s their statement of purpose:

    “On February 17th and 20th, we walked the length of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway—from its origin at St. Michael’s cemetery above Woodside in Queens, to its terminus at the Battery Tunnel in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Stemming from recent debates over public space and its use, our goal was to analyze the experiential surrounds of the highway on foot by recording our observations as we
    walked alongside and underneath the highway.”

    Most of the photos are as picturesque as one would expect, but the two came across some unexpected treasures, like the trailer home shown above that’s been living under the expressway for a bunch of years now.
    Walking the BQE [Tumblr]

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