City Counts More Bicyclists


    Yesterday the Department of Transportation released findings saying that the number of regular bicyclists has increased by 8 percent this year, with an average of 18,846 cyclists a day counted at six locations: The four East River bridges, the Hudson River Greenway on 50th Street in Manhattan, and the Staten Island ferry terminal in Manhattan. According to a City Room article about the report, while the DOT says the findings are meant to show trends rather than present a tally of the total number of bicyclists in New York, some have accused the DOT of cherry-picking its stats. The article quotes John Pucher, a planning professor at Rutgers and a bicycling advocate, like so: “‘New York City D.O.T. is only picking those spots where bike commuting is increasing the most,’ he said, and leaving out the Bronx and eastern parts of Brooklyn and Queens.”
    Number of Bicyclists Keeps Climbing, City Says [City Room]
    Photo by S. Diddy

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