Citi Bike Launches to Much Fanfare


    The big story of the day is yesterday’s launch of Citi Bike, the first large-scale new transportation system in the City for more than 75 years, according to The New York Times. It is “already the largest bike-sharing system in the country,” said the Times, and will get even bigger when it expands farther into Brooklyn and other boroughs. DNAinfo spoke to Clinton Hill resident Travis Eby, who said he was excited to try it and planned to use it for “quick trips” or to get to the subway when the G is out. “They are great at filling in gaps in the transportation system,” he said. The U.K.’s Guardian had an interesting perspective, and noted the system is expensive compared to London’s: $9.95 plus tax vs. $3 for 24 hours. Plus there are all sorts of late fees, such as a $9 charge if you keep the bike out for more than 30 minutes (and $12 more for every additional 30 minutes after the first 60-90 minutes of overage…!). Apparently the bike share program has no plans to move into southern Brooklyn, and that’s just the way the residents there like it, according to Brooklyn Daily. 

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