Castle Braid: Mayer Schwartz’s Art Utopia?


The Castle Braid, a new 146-unit luxury rental building from developer and art lover Mayer Schwartz, will be playing host to the Street Art Festival starting this Saturday. In addition to the festival itself, it’ll be an opportunity to check out Schwartz’s unique vision for an artist community at 114 Troutman in Bushwick. The building hosts a slew of artist-targeted amenities such as rentable video equipment, a media library, a book swap, and a screening room (this is in addition to many other luxury amenities such as tennis, yoga, a dog run, etc.). The 6,000-square-foot courtyard (designed by Future Green Studio), which will be used for the art festival, is no exception: graffiti wall, built-in flat screen and Wii station, bocce ball court…the list goes on. A designer who worked on the project described it as “a hipster playground of sorts.” The one- and two-bedrooms range between $1,650 and $3,000 a month. More info on
Photo of courtyard under development provided by Future Green Studio

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