Brooklyn’s Top New Developments, Ranked


    The former Peaks Mason Mints candy factory at 20 Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights, pictured above, had the highest sales revenue of any Brooklyn development in the first half of this year, according to a ranking of Brooklyn developments just out from The Real Deal. It was built in 1885 and became Mitchell-Lama housing in the 1970s. A developer bought it in 2010 and sales started in February last year. All 36 units in the building closed in the first half of this year, for a total of $52,000,000 in sales, said The Real Deal. Other buildings had higher-priced units but fewer of them, said the paper. Click through to the jump for the full list, and to the story in The Real Deal for details about the buildings.

    20 Henry Street Tops Brooklyn New Development List [TRD]

    1. Candy Factory
    20 Henry Street, Brooklyn Heights
    $52,000,000, 36 units closed

    2. Park Union
    910 Union Street, Park Slope
    $23,000,000, 14 units closed

    3. Fino 122
    122 Adelphi Street, Fort Greene
    $9,430,000, 12 units closed

    4. The Carlton
    82 Irving Place, Clinton Hill
    $7,350,000, 15 units closed

    5. 253 Pacific Condominium
    253 Pacific Street, Cobble Hill
    $7,290,000, three units closed

    6. 397 1st Street
    397 1st Street, Park Slope
    $6,440,000, 7 units closed

    7. 202 President Street
    202 President Street, Carroll Gardens
    $5,890,000, three units closed

    8. 466 15th Street
    466 15th Street, Park Slope
    $4,810,000, nine units closed

    9. 29 Montrose Avenue
    29 Montrose Avenue, Williamsburg
    $3,970,000, nine units closed

    10. The Concorde X
    112 South 2nd Street, Williamsburg
    $3,580,000, six units closed

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