Artist Steven Weinberg Paints Mural of Brownstones in a Brownstone


Artist Steven Weinberg recently painted a fanciful 25-foot mural of Brooklyn brownstones inside a newly renovated Crown Heights home. Weinberg — who moved from Brooklyn last year to open a Catskills inn — popped downstate to complete the entire mural in a single summer day. In a blog post detailing his work, Weinberg writes:

“It’s great working with the source material of my former hometown, Brooklyn. I love drawing mountains and trees now, but it’s something totally different taking in all of the amazing details of Brooklyn’s architecture.”

Most of Weinberg’s artwork is on the much smaller scale of children’s book illustrations, but you might recognize his hand in other murals at Brooklyn’s NU Hotel and Owl Farm bar.

Photos via Steven Weinberg


Sketches working out what the mural might look like.


An earlier design for the wall was slightly tweaked.


Time lapse of the painting process.


The finished mural.


A dinosaur detail. “The clients’ son really loves dinosaurs,” Weinberg writes.


Panorama of the completed painting.


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