Brooklyn Lyceum Owner Pushes Back Against Foreclosure


    According to an article in DNAinfo, the owner of the Brooklyn Lyceum, the long-standing arts venue in the historic public bath building on 4th Avenue, is trying to rally support to try to fend off a pending foreclosure auction at the end of this month. On the Lyceum website, the owner, Eric Richmond, says that much of $5 million owed stems from a dispute with his former architect Jean Miele over a next-door lot and what Richmond claims are “exorbitant architectural fees and interest.” He says that the landmarked building might become a Duane Reade–perhaps he’s been reading our coverage where that speculation was the topic of a long thread of comments. Richmond has asked supporters to attend a hearing in Brooklyn Supreme Court on February 19.

    Brooklyn Luceum Owner Warns That Venue Could Become Duane Reade [DNAinfo]

    Photo Via PropertyShark

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