Brooklyn is Chicken Crazed, Chicken Company Reports


    Selections from a press release sent out today by Victory Chicken reporting that Brooklynites are flocking to its services, which include providing customers with chicken coops and hens:
    -“We are seeing a huge upswing in demand for our all-in-one coop and chickens package,” says Brett Mons, Victory Chicken’s Business Coordinator.
    -Customers who order a “Rosie” get a custom coop built in Brooklyn, three young hens, 2 months of supplies, and a quick training, all of which is delivered and installed at their place in about 2 hours for $785.
    -“I love my coop and hens from Victory Chicken!” says Juno Shaye, a customer in Red Hook, Brooklyn. “And I can’t believe how fun and easy it is to keep chickens. It only takes a few minutes a day, and my two-year-old son absolutely loves them. Chickens are hilarious!”
    Victory Chicken [Official Site]

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