Top 10 Brooklyn Real Estate Listings: A Standalone With a Pool and a Renovated Brownstone


    1. This small frame house, on East 8th Street in Kensington, is a mere 15 feet wide. It’s a two-story with a center staircase, with three (or you could say 2.5) bedrooms above. It looks to be in reasonable shape, though it could use some polishing and likely some upgrading. There’s acoustic tile and faux stone, but also details including parquet floors and a stained-glass window transom.

    Brooklyn Homes for Sale in Park Slope and Kensington

    110 East 8th Street
    Price: $995,000
    Area: Kensington
    Broker: Corcoran (Joyce Haverkamp)
    Italianate Brownstone in Park Slope and Three More to See This Weekend, Starting at $995K
    See it here ->

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