Top 10 Brooklyn Real Estate Listings: A New Townhouse and a Quaint Mews House


    8. This duplex in an 1890 Bed Stuy brownstone checks a lot of boxes: It’s lovely, spacious, well appointed, reasonably priced and carries no fee. And it’s well located to boot, on a nice brownstone-lined block of Jefferson Street in Stuy Heights. The upper duplex of two in the house, it’s full of period details in top shape.

    Brooklyn Apartments for Rent in Bed Stuy at 625 Jefferson Avenue

    625 Jefferson Avenue #2
    Price: $4,000 a month
    Area: Bed Stuy
    Broker: Halstead (Morgan Munsey, Donna Myrie)
    Stunning Duplex in Bed Stuy Brownstone With Minton-Style Tiles Asks $4,000 a Month
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