Prewar One-Bedroom Close to Brooklyn Museum With Eat-in Kitchen, Bike Storage Asks $2,150


This perfectly adequate prewar one-bedroom in Prospect Heights has perhaps enough room for a small breakfast table in the kitchen and the sort of standard composite kitchen cabinets that every economy-renter in New York City is familiar with, along with what looks like an Energy Star-era refrigerator and a regular-old gas stove.

The building, constructed in 1921 at 403 St. Johns Place, has the name Shirley Court over a dignified-looking entrance with ornamental leaded-glass windows and limestone pillars, pediment and lintels. The brickwork is patterned, and there is topiary and grass within iron gates in the front.

Inside the scrubby courtyard, there’s a place to lock up bikes for the 28 apartments. That’s about it, but maybe it’s enough.

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At a rent-regulated $2,150, it reflects the popularity of this corner of Brooklyn, close to the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Public Library and Botanic Garden. With a decently sized living room, you could easily economize, if necessary, and share it with a partner.

It’s listed by Gershon Nisnevitz of Zjama Realty. Think you want to make a go of it?

[Listing: 403 Saint Johns Place #3 | Broker: Zjama Realty] GMAP

403 st johns place

403 st johns place

403 st johns place



403 st johns place

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