BK to the Fullest Buys a House


After years of helping others buy houses, the mysterious blogger behind BK to the Fullest has finally bought one himself. When we first spoke back in August, he said didn’t own.

What neighborhood? Crown Heights, naturally — the one he’s always writing about it. The closing was Thursday.

If you’ve come across the Brooklyn real estate blog, which profiles townhouses for sale in Brooklyn, you may have wondered who is behind it. Is the author a real estate agent? An appraiser? Who are these “platinum members” he keeps talking about? Platinum members of what?

The blog, which debuted in 2010, often seems to have the inside scoop when a townhouse goes on the market, into a bidding war, or into contract — and for how much. As it turns out, the publisher, the appropriately named Jonah Landman, is a consultant for buyers looking for townhouses in Brooklyn (the “platinum members,” who pay him by the hour for advice).

The blog used to be chockablock with deals that weren’t on the radar screen of the average house hunter; it specialized in the off market and the obscure. It still does, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a bargain as prices rise like crazy throughout the borough, especially in previously inexpensive brownstone enclaves such as Crown Heights and Bed Stuy.

Are we in a bubble? No, says Landman, but “It’s gone even farther than I thought it would go. I never thought it would happen this quickly. 221 Jefferson Avenue was breaking everybody’s eyeballs [when it listed for $1,169,000 in 2012],” he said in August. “But now $1.5 million is a casual number in Bed Stuy. As long as Bed Stuy is still half of Park Slope, where does it stop? I don’t know.”

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