Bicycle Traffic Tickets Soar in Brooklyn


    The number of tickets given out to cyclists has jumped dramatically in Brooklyn since the Citi Bike share program started on May 27, The New York Daily News reported. In the four precincts with stations, as well as three nearby precincts, tickets went from 282 during the same period the year before to 510 — an increase of 81 percent. “Tickets are usually handed out for running red lights, riding in the wrong direction or being on the sidewalk and wind up in the range of $25 to $190,” said the story. Police often ticket riders going the wrong on South 5th Street near Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, according to a worker at the nearby Landmark Bicycles shop.
    Tickets for Bike Riders up 7% in Manhattan, 81% in Brooklyn: NYPD [NY Daily News]

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