BHA Protests Bike Sharing Locations, Issues Survey


    As The Brooklyn Paper reported last week, there are some folks in Brooklyn Heights who aren’t thrilled with the location of some of the bike sharing stations as well as the fact that they will displace parking spots. “Parking is so scarce in Brooklyn Heights, anytime parking has been taken away it causes big concerns,” said Brooklyn Heights Association director Judy Stanton. The BHA is pushing to relocate a couple of the stations planned for Henry Street to a sidewalk on Tillary, while other residents voiced concern about locations on Clinton Street, Johnson Street and Montague Street. To try to take the local temperature on the topic, the BHA has put together an online survey for people in the neighborhood. You can take it here. Do you think these concerns are valid or do you share the view of the tipster who emailed the link to the survey and said “Hedge fund nimbys don’t want bike share stations next to their homes.” Related: Did you see David Byrne’s Op-Ed in The Times this weekend about the bike sharing program?

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