Bed Stuy Tower Down to Studs


    When we passed by the mixed-use apartment building at 302 Stuyvesant Avenue recently, we were surprised to see the metal exterior of the corner tower gone and the studs exposed. The prominent corner building has been vacant, boarded up and deteriorating for years, possibly decades.

    A full vacate order was issued on the property for shaking in 2008, although PropertyShark photos from 2006 show it boarded up then. The Queen Anne Romanesque Revival style was designed and built by developer and architect Walter F. Clayton and is part of the historic district, according to the designation report, although no year is given.

    In September, the building traded hands for $800,000, according to public records. A November application for an Alt-1 permit to turn six apartments into eight was disapproved last month.

    Click through to the jump to see the building with its tower intact in April 2012.

    Second photo by Christopher Bride for PropertyShark


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