Affordable Housing Lottery Opens for Six Units in Bushwick, Starting at $2,088 a Month

Rendering by ND Architecture & Design


An affordable housing lottery has opened for six newly constructed units in a seven-story building at 236 Stagg Street in Bushwick.

Of the affordable apartments, there are three one-bedroom and three two-bedroom apartments. Monthly rents start at $2,088 and top out at $2,450.

The lottery is set at an area median income range of 130 percent. Eligible incomes range between $71,589 and $149,890 for households of one to five people.

Building permits say there will be 18 total units in the building, whose location the city considers East Williamsburg. Bicycle storage and enclosed parking spaces for nine cars can be found in the cellar, while retail will occupy the ground floor.

It takes the place of a former one-story garage that was demolished at some point after 2015 and stands directly behind the Bushwick Hotel, the site of a murder in 2015.

The property in 2012. Photo by Christopher Bride for PropertyShark

Market rate units hit the market in May 2018. Listing photos show open kitchens with multi-colored tiled backsplash and large windows. Some of the apartments have small balconies.

Photo by Nooklyn

Photo by Nooklyn

Nataliya Donskoy of ND Architecture & Design is the applicant of record. The firm’s design is Jenga-like, with four boxes jutting out in various directions. It mixes shades of grey, white and brown on the facade, including paneling on the front that resembles wood.

Joel Berkowitz is listed as the owner on property records. He purchased the property for $4.23 million in 2016.

Applications for the affordable housing lottery must be submitted by August 30, 2019. Apply through NYC Housing Connect. To learn more about how to apply for affordable housing, read Brownstoner’s guide.

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