Affordable Housing Lottery Opens for Two Units in Brownsville, Starting at $1,400 a Month

The site in May 2019. Photo by Google Maps


An affordable housing lottery has opened for a pair of newly constructed units in a four-story building at 2096 Strauss Street in Brownsville, across the street from Betsy Head Park.

Of the pair, the first is a one-bedroom unit and the second a two-bedroom unit. Monthly rents start at $1,400 and top out at $1,850.

The lottery is set at an area median income range of 130 percent, which stretches the idea of affordability. Eligible incomes range between $48,000 and $149,890 for households of one to five people.

There are six total units in the building. According to building permits, there is storage in the cellar. The building was formerly a two-story home that was later enlarged to include two additional stories.

The property in 2017. Photo by Christopher Bride for PropertyShark

Jorge E. Cherres of Carsuone & Cherres Architects is the applicant of record. The firm works mostly in Astoria and Long Island City in Queens. In Brooklyn, they helped design the Tennis Center at Williamsburg’s McCarren Park.

Joseph Yushubayev is listed as the owner on building permits. At some point he worked for Mermelstein Development, but his Linkedin page currently says he is the president of Yoka Development.

Applications for the affordable housing lottery must be submitted by January 29, 2019. Apply through NYC Housing Connect. To learn more about how to apply for affordable housing, read Brownstoner’s guide.

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