Affordable Housing Lottery Opens for Two Units in Ocean Hill for $899 a Month

The building in June 2019. Photo via Google Maps


An affordable housing lottery has opened for a pair of apartments in a four-story building at 1666 Broadway in Ocean Hill.

Unlike many of the affordable lotteries, these units appear to be actually affordable.

Both apartments are studios, with a monthly rent of $899. The lottery is set at an area median income range of 60 percent. Eligible incomes range between $30,823 and $51,240 for households of one to five people.

There are five units in the building total. Retail is on the ground floor, and the lottery listing says there is a roof deck although that is not reflected in building permits.

Formerly, it was a one-story structure. Three stories were added on top of the building in 2015. It is located next to the elevated train tracks. A beauty salon recently opened on the ground floor, joining an African import store.

The building in May 2012. Photo via Google Maps

The market-rate rentals in the building launched in 2016. Based on the listing photographs, the apartments have hardwood floors and small kitchens with stainless steel appliances, including dishwashers.

Photo via Citi Habitats

Moris Roshal is listed as the owner on building permits. Shahriar Afshari is the applicant of record.

Applications for the affordable housing lottery must be submitted by December 5, 2019. Apply through NYC Housing Connect. To learn more about how to apply for affordable housing, read Brownstoner’s guide.

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