123 Community Space Goes Out with a Bang


123 Community Space, whose name requires no explanation, is being evicted from its current location at 123 Tompkins Avenue in Bed-Stuy. So to go out with a bang, they’re hosting an all-night party tonight starting at 9:00 p.m., with live music and a DJ face-off. Their website is currently down, but if it goes back up you can see examples of the kind of work they do—the Bed-Stuy blog says 123 has hosted bike repair workshops, afterschool programs, and benefits for political prisoners. Brooklyn the Borough wrote back in June that landlord Mayer Friedman initiated court proceedings in May to evict 123 simply because he didn’t want a community organization in his building. The community has rallied around the org, and many are now expressing hopes that it can reopen nearby—does anyone out there know 123’s plans? Are they looking for a new location or is this the final curtain?
Last Hurrah at 123 Tompkins [Bed-Stuy Blog]
123 Community Space Facing Eviction [Brooklyn the Borough]
Photo from Brooklyn the Borough

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