Free motorcycle parking and more in the QNYC Evening Edition for Tuesday October 16, 2012


    Motorcycles and Muni Meter receipts aren’t friendly with one another, so let’s just have free parking

    Apparently motorcyclists have a hard time with Muni Meter receipts. Muni Meters are those kiosks where you purchase parking and leave the receipt in your vehicle to prove you’ve paid for your spot. All over the city you see them cropping up and slowly parking meters are going the way of the dodo (we are curious how this will affect bike parking, too, since parking meter poles are a prime spot for people to lock their bikes to), and the only way to prove you’ve paid for street parking is to have that little receipt showing, usually displayed on the dash.

    Of course, with motorcycles, there is no interior, so motorcyclists are perplexed as to what to do with the receipts. Attached to the motorcycle, they are at the whim of wind and weather, as well as people that simply like to steal the receipts off the bike. DOT says motorcyclists should affix a clear plastic sleeve to hold the tickets. But motorcyclist and City Councilman Peter Vallone has another solution – free parking for all motorcycles in NYC!

    Now that it’s cooling down, dig into potatoes and bacon

    Since the weather has really turned Fall-like, it’s time to look to heartier foods, and we have a good one for you – Koliba’s potato spaetzle (dumplings). Koliba is a fantastic Czech/Slovak restaurant on 23rd Ave in Astoria (GMAP), and serves up delicious hearty Eastern European fare. The spaetzle, about an inch in length, are served with either a tangy sheep’s milk cheese and bacon or sauerkraut and bacon; we usually opt for the sheep’s milk cheese. The bacon is thick cut and the whole thing is fatty, carby goodness. It goes great with a Staropramen, too.

    Greenpoint Landing in Brooklyn will have a fancy footbridge connected it to Queens

    Greenpointers wrote about a massive development called Greenpoint Landing, that is coming to the northern tip of Greenpoint. The plans include a footbridge to LIC (over Newtown Creek) to be designed by Santiago Calatrava. He designed the WTC transit hub in Manhattan. Looks like Greenpoint and LIC will be kissing cousins in the waterfront highrise department.

    LIC Vernon Blvd dog run fans and users – there’s a Facebook group for you

    The LIC dog run on 48th Avenue and Vernon Blvd is a popular spot for pups and their parents. To join in conversation and community with others that use this dog run, there’s a Facebook group for you – Long Island City Vernon Blvd Dog Run.

    Most photogenic spots in Queens? Parks are a popular choice

    This morning we asked, what are some of the most photogenic parts of Queens? We got some great answers, and here they are, both from our comments section and twitter:


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