Favorite NYC bridges and more in the QNYC Evening Edition for Tuesday January 29, 2013


    Favorite bridges, from our readers

    This morning we asked, “what is your favorite bridge in NYC?” and got some answers! A couple people really like the Queensboro Bridge:

    @QueensNYCity Queensborough Bridge because it’s free.” – Rene2D2‏@I_Am_The_Wall

    “The 59th Street/Queensborough/Koch Bridge is my favorite! It was visible from our apartment in LIC and always thought it was more distinctive than the others. Walked across it once. It has a majestic feeling to it. Miss seeing it (now I live in Florida).” – Linda Hervas (in our comments)

    We also heard from Mike Anz @mikeanzz about the Hell Gate Bridge: “@QueensNYCity I’m in love with the damn bridge. Might just paint it myself one weekend.”

    Beach 91st in the Rockaways before and after

    Even after all these weeks and months, we are still shocked by the before and after scenes in parts of the Rockaways. You’d think we’d be used to it but we’re just not. We caught this before and after shot posted by the folks at the Rockaway 100th Precinct Community Affairs Facebook page. It’s just… wow.

    Image source: Rockaway 100th Precinct Community Affairs Facebook page

    Where will you watch the Super Bowl this Sunday? We’ve got some suggestions as to where to do that.

    Our own Danielle McClure put together a short list of some great Super Bowl XLVII spots for Sunday, all right here in Queens – Astoria, Jackson Heights, Bayside, and Elmhurst. There’s plenty of drink, barbecue in some cases, and prix fixes as well. In particular, we love how poetic time at Bourbon Street could be, since the Super Bowl is down in NOLA this year. But Bud’s Ale House, Legend’s, and Play Lounge are also great choices. We hope you have a excellent time, wherever you decide to hang!

    Stop Alternate Side Parking Now!

    The folks in Hunters Point really don’t want to see alternate side parking (ASP) in their neighborhood. So some residents have put up this page, Stop Alternate Side Parking Now! There sure are some strong opinions – they feel that ASP would be stressful, add extra pollution, and they voice a suspicion many folks in Queens have said casually – that street cleaning as performed as it is does not actually clean the streets (do you agree?). They also give some advice that can be applied to many, many situations like this, “To have even greater impact than just a petition write your personal reasons, hardships, and suggestions for better solutions to our representatives.” Here’s to citizen action.

    Jamaica Bay is full of life despite Sandy crashing it

    We were pleased to read about all the wildlife in Jamaica Bay these days. The bay was severely damaged after Hurricane Sandy, but nature has a way of repairing itself and moving on. And so it is in process of doing that, and the birds have found their way there. Since it was so cold last week, the snowy owl and snow geese, among other wintering birds, felt right at home. We wonder how they will handle tomorrow’s warm weather, though. We are very fortunate to have such an incredible natural lagoon in our fair borough. If you have some time, it’s well worth a visit, too.

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