Chocolate dosa and more in the QNYC Evening Edition for Thursday February 21, 2013


    Chocolate dosa? Wha-wha-wha-what?!??

    We love dosas here at QNYC, and we also love chocolate, so when we heard about a chocolate dosa, we were pretty intrigued. Joe DiStefano likens it to a South Indian brownie. Read on:

    At first glance the chocolate dosa ($7.99) looks like most any other, save for its brown freckles. It’s even served with the traditional coconut chutney and samber. Closer inspection—and a taste—reveals that those brown spots are chocolate. Between the chocolate-enriched  folds of this dessert dosa find a delectable mixture of melted chocolate and cashews.

    One word: nom.

    Mr. Vino’s Cucina to open in March

    Zagat reports that Mr. Vino’s Cucina in Forest Hills, will be opening in March. It seems like it’s taken forever to open, and we hope they abide by the March prediction. They’ll be selling/serving “a variety of high-end edibles, including artisan cheeses, breads, caviar, crackers and salamis, as well as prepared foods such as paninis offered to go.” Sounds like a nice addition to the neighborhood.

    Rebuilding of Rockaway beaches probably won’t start til June, and then there’s no guarantee that will happen either

    Good and bad news was shared by a representative from the Army Corps of Engineers. The good news is that the Corps will bring 3.5 million cubic feet of sand back to Rockaway beaches. That’s a lot of sand. The bad news is mentioned above, that it won’t start til June… probably. Money and paperwork is involved. But when they finally do get started, the work will be done from Beach 16 to Beach 149 in 1,000 foot increments, 24/7 for four days apiece. This way they won’t have to shut down the whole beach at once. Locals are worried, though, since its the beaches that protect them during storms (and even high tide). And guess when hurricane starts? Yep, June.

    More Rockaway news – a harp seal was rescued!

    On Monday a yearling male harp seal was rescued from Rockaway Beach. This was a joint effort by the NYC Parks Department, the New York State DEC, and the Riverhead Foundation. This is good news – ocean wildlife has found its way to the Rockaways and not always survived (thinking about the beached finback whale and a dolphin in the past 6 months).

    Malu will be at the Queens County Market on Sunday

    We caught sight of this cup of ice cream from Malu and our mouths immediately started to water.

    Image source: Malu

    Malu will be at the Queens County Market this Sunday from 12-4pm, serving up scoops of Rocky Road and Mint Chip ice creams, as well as a Strawberry Champagne Sorbet. The market is taking place this month at Sac’s Place (25-41 Broadway – GMAP). $4 mimosas will also be available from the good folks at Sac’s.

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