Sharing is caring: Babysitting co-ops in Sunnyside, Woodside, Jackson Heights


    Image source: Warm Sleepy on Flickr

    As parents with young children know, hiring a babysitter is expensive, and a lot of the time you end up not going out at all to avoid the cost and hassle. To get around these issues, some Queens residents have started sharing childcare tasks with other parents in their neighborhood.

    The SunnyBaby childcare cooperative launched in October and covers all of Sunnyside and parts of Woodside. The co-op is based on a credit system: if one family looks after a neighbor’s child, they earn points that can later be used to have another member look after their own child. SunnyBaby, started by parent Susan Bachman, is the second babysitting co-op in the neighborhood; the other one has a waiting list, according to Sunnyside Post.

    The group is also a way to make friends in the neighborhood; SunnyBaby members are expected to host social events twice a year. And to increase safety, each member must be certified in CPR and provide a medical emergency authorization form.

    We also found that Jackson Heights has a childcare co-op for families with infants or toddlers. The ParentSitter group is still accepting new members.

    And while we’re on the topic of children and co-ops, did you know that Astoria is home to a cooperatively run private school? Queensview Nursery School & Kindergarten is built on the idea that parents actively participate and pitch in to serve on committees, do office work, and maintain the space.

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