Rent or list a bike, a place to stay, or office space


    Image source: Seth W. on Flickr

    Trying to get around has been crazy this week, with hurricane-related transit issues, and many people have been biking to work. It’s a great time to bring up the topic of bike sharing again, for those of you who wish you could get around on two wheels. Unfortunately, the Citi Bike program, which will bring about 10 bike rental stations to Long Island City, hasn’t gotten up and running yet. Now it is slated to launch in March 2013.

    There’s another option in the meantime: renting bikes from your neighbors using Liquid. It’s an online marketplace where individuals or businesses can find daily or hourly bicycle rentals. Last time we checked Liquid, there were bikes available for daily rental in Astoria, LIC, Fresh Meadows, Whitestone, and other Queens neighborhoods.

    If you have a bike that you’re not using, you can join Liquid and put it up for rent. And in this difficult time, maybe you could consider dirt-cheap Hurricane Sandy prices to help those in need.

    Speaking of online marketplaces and Hurricane Sandy, Airbnb, the peer-to-peer vacation-rental site, is waiving all administrative fees in areas affected by the storm to make it easier for people to secure places to stay. They’re also encouraging hosts to reduce their prices or offer free spots to crash for the night.

    And if you’ve been going stir-crazy trying to work from home by yourself this week, check out Loosecubes, a portal for coworking and sharing unused office space—all for free!

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