Sandy Disaster Relief Reality Show Proposed


    Image source: Wikimedia

    Queens Crap has alerted us to a new reality show proposal called The Real Volunteers, which would be focused on the repair and recovery efforts of the Sandy-devastated areas from New Jersey to Long Island. From what we can tell from the proposal, it will be a mashup of Paramedics, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and good ol’ disaster profiteering. Sandy victims are certainly no strangers to exploitation, but this seems a little beyond the pale. How could they possibly justify such a show?

    From the proposal: The Real Volunteers “will certainly help to generate tens of millions of dollars in additional donations to victims of hurricane Sandy. Therefore anything each of us does to help get this show get to air will be an act of compassion for the suffering that is an everyday reality. This is not just great entertainment!” But is it even entertainment? Will the advertising money go to studio executives or Sandy relief foundations? Will we finally have a reality show to benefit humanity? Possibly. But it will never make up for the damage caused by Honey Boo Boo.

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