LIC may get involved with the city’s Tri-Board Task Force


    DNAinfo reports that Community Board 2 in LIC may join the Tri-Board Task Force that is pondering how to respond some proposed midtown rezoning – Mayor Bloomberg has put forth a proposal to rezone an area of 78 blocks of Midtown to allow for more and bigger skyscrapers. Manhattan Community Boards 1, 4, 5, and 6 want to band together as a multi-board task force to offer their reaction to and concern with this rezoning.

    Since so many community boards would be involved, the board will likely be renamed the “Multi-Board Task Force.”

    So why would LIC even get involved? Well, it’s considered to be another potential business district in the city, and is competition to Midtown. It’s unclear if CB2 will join the task force, but there are members of CB2 that are interested in doing just that. Wally Rubin, district manager of Community Board 5, says, “Long Island City…has long been thought to be another potential business district. One of the contingents that we have certainly talked about is a need for a citywide strategy for business districts, whether it be East Midtown, Downtown Brooklyn, 125th Street or Long Island City.”

    Downtown and Long Island City Join East Midtown Rezoning Fight [DNAinfo]

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