A train, ferries – more steps toward normalcy to southwestern Queens after Hurricane Sandy


    Image source: Youngking11 on Wikimedia Commons

    NY 1 reported on another step toward normalcy in southwestern Queens, which got hit hard during Hurricane Sandy – the return of the A train to Howard Beach, which allows for easier transit access for those on the Rockaway peninsula. Trains started back up at 7:42am on Sunday, ahead of schedule (8am was the scheduled start time).

    To get to the Rockaways, one takes a shuttle bus between the Howard Beach A station to Mott Avenue in Far Rockaway (GMAP) – this is a non-stop shuttle with a terminus at the Far Rockaway A station. This is the path of the shuttle bus, circling around JFK airport:


    Image source: MTA

    Without the Howard Beach A station open some people were taking up to three hours round trip to get to work; with this station open, their commute will be cut by two-thirds, which is a tremendous decrease in time suck. In the words of one commuter, “We’re happier now, because before it was too much of a hassle for us, and it’s much easier now that they’re back to normal.”

    As for the re-opening of the Broad Channel A station, it will be months before it can re-open. Here is a photo of the tracks that was taken the day after Hurricane Sandy hit.


    Image source: MTA New York City Transit / Leonard Wiggins – Damage on the New York City Subway’s Rockaway Line (A train)

    Other good news for the Rockaways is the new temporary ferry service between the area and Manhattan, which started this morning.

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