Spotted: solar panels on a Jamaica rooftop, plus green building efforts throughout Queens


    Sometimes we just like to travel around Queens via Google Maps, looking at various neighborhoods. The other day while moving around the Addisleigh Park/Jamaica border, we spotted what looked like solar panels on a warehouse. Turns out it’s the building that houses J. Sussman Inc, a window business (GMAP). They feature this fact on their website’s home page:

    In 2010 J. SUSSMAN, INC. installed a solar photovoltaic array to offset 100% of its electrical energy load.  The array is composed of 546 Schott panels and 1 Satcom Powergate Plus 100 Kilowatt inverter. It produces a peak power outlet of 125.58 killowatts of direct current and was designed to produce 143,027 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually.

    They even have a page devoted to it that monitors their energy savings. It’s pretty cool. They are 100% solar.

    J. Sussman, Inc has been around a long time – over 100 years old, having started their business on the LES in 1906. You can read more about them here. And let’s hear it for solar!

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