Malu enters the Presidential election fray… with ice cream


    Image source: Malu

    Malu, the excellent ice cream shop on Jackson Avenue in Long Island City (GMAP), has entered the Presidential election fray in their own way… with ice cream. They are holding a little contest on their Facebook page to come up with two different ice creams representative of the candidates in the November election.

    “Malu would like to create a Romney Ice Cream and an Obama Ice Cream, in hopes of making this election a little livelier. Tell us what you think should be in each (kindly note – we’re a kid friendly family business!). We’ll create both flavors and see what tub finishes first. Could this be the new straw poll or just a yummy way to make it through to Nov 6th?”

    What would you like to see in each ice cream? Let us know in the comments or via twitter at @queensnycity.

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