Hunters Point South building at 1-50 50th Ave moves forward with approved zoning


    Image source: NYC EDC

    On December 18, the zoning for the Hunters Point South building that will be at 1-50 50th Avenue has been approved, according to the Department of Buildings. The plan exam is still listed as “disapproved.” The original plan submitted in mid-April was disapproved, then resubmitted in early October – that, too was disapproved.

    The zoning documents indicate that the structure will be a 37 story residential building of 627,960 square feet (a sliver of that at 13,766 square feet will be commercial). There will be 619 (down from 635 originally) apartments and 223 (down from 250 originally) enclosed parking spaces.

    Zoning documents are scanned and posted and here’s a look (click all images to see them bigger). First, a bird’s eye view.


    Image source: DOB – private terraces and public roofs are in the plans

    Here’s the axonometric view from the northwest:


    Image source: DOB – looking at this with your back to the waterfront (Center Blvd)

    Here’s the view from the southwest:


    Image source: DOB

    Here are side views:



    Image source: DOB

    Here’s a nice little promo video from the NYC EDC about the Hunters Point South project, too.


    Hunters Point South [NYC EDC]
    Hunters Point South Site Plan 2007 [NYC EDC]

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