Best car services in Queens


    If you live anywhere in New York City, at some point you’re going to need a car service. It’s certainly true for Queens. Taking parents to the airport, going with a group to the theater, entertaining a client – these are all occasions for some reliable ground transportation assistance.

    There are an overwhelming number of car services around the great big borough of Queens. This is tricky –  it’s difficult to make a sound choice if you can’t find a helpful Yelp review. However, this abundance of Queens-based car services is also advantageous because it’s possible to find one in your neighborhood that you can get to know, and they you. Plus, the cost of using a local service is less expensive than, say, dialing 7.

    Following is a round up of some of the best car services in the borough. They’re listed for customer satisfaction with reliability and service, the quality of the cars and prices vary.


    New Enrico’s Executive Class Car Service, at 32-09 37th Street (GMAP), (718) 728-5599. They do it all: airport, hourly rides, city-to-city, round trips, special occasions and corporate accounts. Rated #1 Car Service in Queens by City Search. Customers love quality of cars and service. Call.

    Olympic Luxury Car Service, at 24-04 24th Street (GMAP), (718) 626-8000. Specializing in servicing Astoria, Long Island City, and Roosevelt Island but covering the full Tri-State Area. Competitive rates, offering discount cards on returns from the airport. Mostly rave reviews. Call.

    Andrea Car Service, at 40-21 45th Street (GMAP), (718) 392-9191. A fleet of Lincoln Town Cars happy to take you anywhere in the Tri-State area at competitive prices. Call.

    Long Island City

    Arrow Transportation Service, at 11-17 43rd Avenue (GMAP), (718) 392-4060. This is a high-end service set up to take UES ladies shopping in midtown or attorneys home from the office at 2:00 am, and not the cheapest, but if you want a lovely car – including hybrid Camrys and imposing black SUVs – this is a good choice. It’s also convenient to the Z Hotel. There’s a rate schedule with detailed information about traveling from zone to zone so there’s never any confusion about the price. Call or reserve online.


    Sunnyside Car Service, at 72-17 Queens Boulevard (GMAP), (718) 507-2600. $17 from Woodside to LaGuardia and $30 to JFK. A home-town favorite. Call or book online, there’s also a smart phone reservation app.

    Pronto Car Service, at 41-09 49th Street, Sunnyside (GMAP), (800) 835-5678 or (718) 457-5777. $22 from Sunnyside to midtown Manhattan. Pronto has an entire livery service fact sheet for anyone unfamiliar with the concept. Call or reserve online.

    Caprice Car Service, at 54-04 Roosevelt Avenue, Woodside (GMAP), (718) 424-9300. Affordable and reliable. Call or reserve online.

    Middle Village

    Lindy’s Car Service, at 62-12 Metropolitan Avenue (GMAP), (718) 497-0333. There is no website – you might also see this business listed as Lindy’s Taxi Service – but don’t be alarmed, folks have been using Lindy’s with great satisfaction for thirty years. Affordable and reliable. Call.

    For an excellent and complete listing of car services around the Tri-State area, even sorted by Queens neighborhoods, check out the site Car Service Directory. You may have heard of general car service apps such as Groundlink and Mojo; these are more expensive than calling a service directly, and make more sense if you’re in a strange city in need of a car.

    If we’ve missed your favorite local car service, please let us know.

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