Astoria, LIC, and local musician Jeneen Terrana with her cheesecake on The Food Network


    Image source: Jeneen Terrana

    Check out this video of local musician Jeneen Terrana, who appeared on the Food Network’s “Home Made in America,” a show that features great home cooks from around the country. At the :43 mark is when the good stuff starts, with scenes from Astoria and LIC – LIC Bar, too, where Jeneen often performs (and has served many slices of cheesecake). In fact, she sold it to fund her last album recording!

    Sounds like her cheesecake is pretty amazing – four layers of deliciousness. The cake itself is made – from the bottom up – with a kind of chocolate cake crust, a chocolate cream cheese layer, vanilla cream cheese mousse, and topped with a chocolate ganache. Yum.

    She raised $4,500 from cheesecake sales.


    (H/T Sometime In Long Island City)

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