An economic silver lining, post-Sandy – increased business at Queens Plaza


    Image source: DNAinfo

    DNAinfo reports on some positive news in the silver lining realm – increased business at Queens Plaza, not to mention this area in LIC was one of the main transit hubs that could get people straight into Manhattan. Dunkin Donuts said they served twice the usual number of customers (so, around 1,600 people). LIC Bicycles also sold a lot of bikes, especially those in the $300-$500 range; rental bikes did well, too. The Queens Rozina Mini Mart also has a lot of customers. The folks running Gotham Fresh Food also noticed a lot more people stopping in, but many were only there for a pit stop (it’s a newer shop, and seems very clean and modern looking).

    All this foot traffic at the various shops in Queens Plaza is certainly hurricane-related, but LIC Partnership has noted that the number of pedestrians has greatly increased over the past couple of years, regardless of any emergency. Back in August, they went out and observed people in the area, and these were their findings:

    9,836 people passed by, 2,508 of them during lunchtime. Two years ago, just 6,945 people walked through the plaza — 1,410 during lunchtime. “We found the increase in foot traffic to be very encouraging,” said Dan Miner, senior vice president at Long Island City Partnership. “It speaks well to the development in the area.”

    Perhaps the storm’s aftermath bringing more people to the area will also, in the long run, contribute to the overall increase in public presence in this part of Queens.

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