Old Chilton Paint Factory to be the latest redevelopment of the College Point waterfront


    Image source: Times Ledger

    So it looks like the residential conversion of the old Chilton Paint factory (109-09 15th Ave – GMAP) in College Point, which was first planned back in 2005, might finally be happening. According to the Times Ledger, there was a change of ownership, and in August the new owner filed paperwork with the city to get the project back in motion. According to the original 2005 plans, the conversion would turn the building into 134 apartments, the exterior of the building would remain intact, and a public walkway would be built along the waterfront. There would be views of Manhattan, though given where the building is situated LaGuardia airport and Rikers Island seem like they would be in view too. 

    There’s actually another development next to the paint factory, at 14-34 110th Street. Here is an example of their view, which is likely similar to that of the paint factory’s:


    Image source: Douglas Elliman

    There are other developments along the College Point waterfront too. Further north is a large development that opened in late 2002, called Edgewater Estates. It’s located at 115th Street and Ninth Avenue, and has 114 two-family houses. Bay Park Estates, another condo development, is adjacent just to the north; it was built in the 1980s.

    North of Bay Park Estates is Hermon A. Macneil park. Here’s a view from that park (more views – it really is lovely there).


    Image source: hermonatkinsmacneil.com

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