Signature Dish: Breezy’s BBQ


    The Spot: Breezy’s, 97th St Concession Stand, Rockaway Beach.

    The Deal: The concession stand at Rockaway Beach is back and one of the restaurants taking advantage of the summer crowds is the new BBQ joint Breezy’s. The evolving restaurant began as a food truck in Williamsburg.

    “We experimented with our BBQ in a food truck in Williamsburg last year and had been looking for a place to set up shop,” says Amy Tichenor. “We didn’t want to do a restaurant or a take-out joint, the Rockaway concession felt like the perfect fit between food truck and restaurant.”

    Now Tichenor and friends sling BBQ to hungry beach goers every day but Tuesdays at the busy cash-only spot, nestled between the other family-owned businesses at the concession stands.

    “The 97th Street Concession has such a diverse group of family-run local restaurants, offering beach-goers a number of options, if they are looking for a quick bite to eat on the weekends or if they want to go out to dinner on the beach during the week, the concession is the perfect beach-side dining in The Rockaways,” Tichenor says.

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    The Dish: Beach goers line up for Breezy’s pulled-pork sandwich, which is topped with a house-made apple slaw and barbecue sauce.

    “The slaw is tangy and crunchy, and the pulled pork is succulent and smoky. The sandwich is topped with hand sliced extra thin pickles. We make a house-made barbecue sauce that has a kick from our smoked peppers. A little drop of that sauce on top of the Pulled Pork, slaw and pickles…it’s the perfect combination for any beach day,” Tichenor says.

    At $7, the hefty sandwich is a budget friendly option, and like the rest of the menu, is comprised of house-made with simple ingredients.

    Tichenor knows that location is everything and that the neighbors serve a welcome accompaniment to their sandwich.

    “We are lucky that we are right next to Low Tide Bar,” she says, “because this all-American sandwich pairs perfectly with an ice cold Budweiser.”

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