Queen Anne Style: America’s Flamboyant and Fantastic Architectural Melting Pot

Next month — on March 9th, to be exact! — the MTA will install Bus Time in Queens and Brooklyn. According to the MTA website, “MTA Bus Time uses Global Positioning System (GPS) hardware and wireless communications technology to track the real-time location of buses. This innovation lets you use your computer, cell phone, smartphone or other tech device to get information about when the next bus will arrive at your stop, even if you are still at home, the office, shopping, or dining.” Transportation Nation writes that this very useful service launched on Staten Island in January 2012, then came to the Bronx later that year, then finally to Manhattan in October 2013. Now all 5,500 city buses have the GPS hardwire necessary to transmit their positions. The countdown ’til March 9th begins — can’t wait!

Real-Time Bus Arrival Info Coming to Brooklyn and Queens Next Month [WNYC]

Photo by the MTA via Flickr

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