League of Kitchens Offers Cooking Workshops by Immigrant Chefs in Their Homes


    This really might be the greatest thing since the invention of sliced bread… and bungeoppang, gobi paratha, naan, roti and tiropita. The newly opened League of Kitchens offers cooking workshops that combine culinary adventure, cultural enrichment, great food, and even a bit of interior design. The instructors hail from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Greece, India, Korea and Lebanon. Most reside in Queens, and they all offer their classes in their homes. Participants help cook meals, contribute their own ideas and personal stories, and help clean up afterwards. Then, they go home with recipes for all the dishes and a starter kit that includes spices and specialty ingredients.

    Details: Workshops go from 1 pm to 6:30 pm on any given Saturday or Sunday. Five clients — from beginners to professional chefs — participate at a time. Click here for a list of upcoming workshops. Price: $195 per person or $100 per person for 2.5-hour class. (Instructors from other countries are expected soon.)




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