Films from the ‘Gritty City Era’ to Screen all Weekend


    About 40 years ago, New York City was covered in graffiti, teeming with crime, and on the edge of bankruptcy. But the punk scene was thriving. Some of the lesser known films from the era reflect a city with deserted streets, bohemian fashion, rebellion in the air, but most importantly, music everywhere. This weekend, the Museum of the Moving Image will present Downtown New York Film: The 1970s and 1980s. More information on this two-day festival and another photo are on the jump page.


    Guest curated by Vera Dika, author of The (Moving) Pictures Generation: The Cinematic Impulse in Downtown New York Art and Film, this series features Amos Poe (Unmade Beds, Empire II), Ericka Beckman (Hit and Run), Vivienne Dick (Guerillere Talks, Beauty Becomes the Beast), and James Nares (Waiting for the Wind, No Japs at My Funeral), among others. Poe, Beckman, Dick, and Nares will appear in person at the screenings of their flicks. Plus, Empire II will run continuously in the second-floor amphitheater.

    The schedule is as follows:

    Top photo: Amos Poe; bottom photo: The Loveless

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